Portrait Styles for Capture One

Portrait Styles is a set of 50 color styles developed specifically for portrait editing in Capture One.
This set provides you with 50 unique portrait looks which you can quickly and easily apply to your images.

Portrait Styles key features:

Designed for Portraits
The styles are adjusted for portrait photography specifics.

Full Layers Support
All the new styles work in layers. You can change style opacity or apply a style locally.

Freedom of Editing
Portrait Styles use only three essential tools: Curves, Advanced Color Editor and Color Balance. This gives you the freedom to choose any other tools to help you develop your image further in Capture One.

Now, let’s see how Portrait Styles can improve your workflow.

1Styles.pro Styles are fully compatible with the new Capture One Pro 21, Capture One Pro 21 Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm versions.

Designed for Portraits

Portraits are extremely sensitive to editing. Each image adjustment immediately reflects on the skin tone.
Portrait Styles provide you with a variety of color correction solutions which were tested and approved on hundreds of different portraits.

To illustrate how Portrait Styles work, we prepared a video comparison of all the styles applied to six completely different images:

Full Layers Support

All styles in the Portrait Set support layers in Capture One Pro 11. Using styles in layers gives you a significant advantage in the editing.

First of all, you will have full control over style opacity.
You can easily reduce style’s effect by applying it to a new filled layer and changing its opacity.

Just click the right mouse button on the style and choose “Apply to New Layer”. Now you have a new layer with applied style.

Using this feature, you can find a look that suits perfectly each particular portrait.

Also, you can apply styles locally: just draw a mask, right click on a style and choose “Apply to Selected Layer”.
For example, create a mask from skin color and apply a style to this area only:

Or you can invert the mask and apply the style to everything except the skin!

Freedom of Editing

Our strong belief is that styles should not obstruct your creativity.
That’s why Portrait Styles use only three essential tools: Curves, Advanced Color Editor and Color Balance.
As a style is applied, you’re free to edit your image with Contrast, Clarity, HDR, White Balance, Levels, and any other tools.

For instance, here we applied the Sunshine Gold style and accompanied the editing with Clarity, White Balance and HDR adjustments:

Try 5 Styles for Free

We offer five Portrait Styles to download for free:

  • 10 Teal
  • 27 Backwater Woods
  • 37 Morning Run
  • 42 Secret Ingredient
  • 44 Deep in the Ocean

Download now

No trial period, no credit card required.
Just download them and start using in your workflow.

How do I install the styles?

How to Buy?

Portrait Styles Set price is $49.95

Buy now

Purchasing Portrait Styles couldn’t be simpler.
Just click the “Buy Now” button, and follow the on-screen instructions to pay for your order, and you will instantly receive a link to download the styles.
Feel free to contact us at info@1styles.pro

The purchase is subject to terms and conditions of the purchase agreement: Read the agreement.

Payment Notice
For technical reasons, we’re not accepting payments from PayPal Business accounts, yet.
Please, use a regular PayPal account to purchase styles.
You can also pay directly with your bank card, simply choose “Pay with a card” at the PayPal payment page. The payment will be securely processed via PayPal as well.

Film + Portrait Styles Bundle

Now you can buy a bundle of Film and Portrait Styles for $134 instead of $169.85 and save $35!

Buy now

Previously we released two sets of film styles for Capture One: Original Film Styles Set and Extended Film Styles Set.
Film Styles offers more than 200 film styles for Capture One to boost your workflow.
Each style provides a unique look of the film photography legends: Ilford Delta, Kodak Portra, Agfa Scala, Polaroid, and many other popular films.
Film Styles are approved by thousands of photographers worldwide.

The Bundle includes 250+ styles from the sets:

  • Portrait Styles Set
  • Original Film Styles Set
  • Extended Film Styles Set

All the color styles work with layers in Capture One Pro 11. Each B&W style has four versions with different opacities: 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.

Is It For Portraits Only?

The styles are designed to work with portraits, but as we tested the set we noticed, that some styles perfectly fit images of other genres as well.
Feel free to experiment and try Portraits Styles with wedding, travel and street photography images.
Here are some examples of how the styles work with non-portrait images.

Portrait Styles Best Practices

To get the best user experience of Portrait Styles, we suggest you follow our simple recommendations:

1. Apply the styles to an image with correct Exposure and White Balance settings.
Keep in mind, that Exposure and White Balance corrections might significantly modify the image and hence affect a style look.

2. Reduce a style effect by applying it to a layer and changing the opacity.
The styles are developed to provide a noticeable difference in a look of your portraits. For some portraits, you might need just a slight adjustment and changing the opacity works perfectly for this.

3. Accompany styles with additional edits of your favorite tools.
Portrait Styles is a great tool to quickly find an impressive color correction solution. However, some of the images require supplementary adjustments of Clarity, HDR or other tools to get the final look. Feel free to mix your favorite tools with Portrait Styles.


Portrait Styles are fully compatible with Capture One Pro 11, 12, 20, Capture One Pro Sony 11, 12, 20 and Capture One Pro Fujifilm 11, 12, 20.

Portrait Styles work well with Capture One Pro 9 and 10, except for layer support. This feature was introduced in Capture One 11 and you need to upgrade Capture One to use Portrait Styles in layers.

Capture One Pro 8 is not officially supported. However, styles will work with the eight version. But you might have a slightly different style effect due to Capture One 8 engine specifics.

Portrait Styles are compatible with Capture One Express Sony 11, 12, 20 and Capture One Express Fujifilm 11, 12, 20. But due to restrictions of Express versions, you will not be able to change style settings and to use styles in layers.