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The way of installing the styles depends on the version of Capture One you’re using.

In Capture One 10.1 Styles tool was completely rebuilt to make user experience with styles faster and easier.
Here is the detailed overview of the new styles interface and we highly recommend you to upgrade your Capture One to 10.1 or newer.

Our styles work well with older versions of Capture One; you’ll find an installation guide for them in the second part of this article.

Capture One 10.1 or newer

Everything is really simple here:

Double-click on “Install styles” file or import the file using Capture One “Import Styles” option.

Once you have done this, all the available styles would appear in your User Styles menu sorted in folders.
If you wish to import some specific styles manually, you’ll find them in the folder near the installation file.

Capture One 10 or older

There are two ways to install styles in Capture One version 10 or older.

1. Import styles – the easiest and fastest method, but you would not be able to use a sub-folder structure for styles.

2. Copy styles to a folder with Capture One’s settings – the advanced way that allows you to use a sub-folder feature.

1. Import styles

The easiest way to set styles is to use the Import Styles option that is available in the Styles and Presets tool:


All you need to do is to choose the Import option, select all the styles you wish to install and click import.


Once you have done this, all the available styles would appear in your User Styles menu:

The main disadvantage of this method is that any styles you import cannot be assembled into folders, which would not be particularly convenient, especially if you plan to work with many styles.

If you’re going to make use of many different styles, you should consider using the second method of installing styles, as this will allow you to create different folders for the styles you use.

2. Copy styles in a folder with Capture One’s settings


Styles can be copied directly into Capture One’s folder, where all the application data is stored.
This method allows you to create different folders for your style sets.

Capture One’s settings folder is located in different places on Mac OS and Windows, so you will need to follow separate instructions according to the operating system you are using.

Instructions for Mac OS

In Mac, the OS styles folder can be found in the following location:

User > Library > Application Support > Capture One > Styles

Note: in most cases, the system folders are hidden by default, and you need to make them visible in order to work with them.

The easiest way to get to this folder:

Open Spotlight and paste this text: ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Styles

The second way:

1) Go to the Finder (or desktop).

2) Hold the Option key on your keyboard, and click the Go menu at the top of the screen.

3) With the Go menu open, you’ll notice that pressing and releasing Option key will display or hide the Library choice in this menu.

4) Select Library from the Go menu (while holding down Option) to access the hidden folder.

5) In the hidden Library folder, go to Application Support > Capture One > Styles

If there is no Styles folder – that’s fine, just create a new one manually.

Once you have navigated to the Styles folder, you can copy the styles themselves or create a new folder and copy the styles to that location. 
Styles will appear in Capture One only after you have restarted the program.

Instructions for Windows

In Windows, the OS styles folder can be found in the following location:


The easiest way to get to this folder is to click Win Button + R and paste this text (with your HDD name and username): C:\Users\[User_Name]\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Styles50

Once you have navigated to the Styles folder, you can copy the styles themselves or create a new folder and copy the styles to that location. 
Styles will appear in Capture One only after you have restarted the program.

Note: in most cases, the system folders are hidden by default, and you need to make them visible in order to work with them.

Stack Styles Tool

Stack Styles allows you to apply different styles on the same image.


Some styles may use the same adjustments. In this case Capture One would use adjustments from the style applied last.

How to Install Presets

Presets folder is located near the Styles folder in Capture One’s settings folder.

For Mac
User/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Presets60/Film Grain

For Windows

C:\Users\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Presets60\Film Grain

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  • thecackster

    You might want to note that the library folder under the user is by default hidden and can be accessed by going to “go to folder” and typing ~/Library

    • Thank you! Added to the manual.

      • Hi Alex, I love your styles!!! I had the same problem with the hidden folder on my mac. A very simple solution is to use the file browser within capture one 8. You can see all system folders – even the hidden ones and I simply dragged the folder directly into the folder. You can also add, delete and rename your folder in C1. Just saying 😉 Thanks for your great styles and the affordable price tag 🙂 Cheers, Maike

        • Hi Maike, thank you – great idea! I’ll add this to our manual.

  • Dan Russell

    As bad as I want to buy this, my frustration with finding the Styles folder and then the lock up on the purchase is preventing me from buying both sets. When this all works I’ll come back and possible purchase. Too frustrated with the lack of incomplete instructions and poor purchase experience

  • Orio Menoni

    I like the sample styles, but one major problem for me is that there is no “percentage of effect” option, it’s take it all or leave it. Lightroom presets also have this problem. Fact is, when there is a style I like, 99% of the time I would want to reduce the amount of it according to the image needs. The only possibility to do so is to make a copy of the image, apply the style to it and then export both the copy and the original and mix them in Photoshop. Too cumbersome for large volume editing.

    • Hello, sorry for my late reply. We’re trying to solve this issue. The problem is with Capture One Styles tool UI. It is not intended for working with many hundreds of styles. It’ll be totally inconvenient to operate dozens of lists with hundreds of styles versions with different opacity. Anyway I hope we’ll find the best solution for that 🙂

      • Did you ever figure a solution for this? I also like quite subtle effects and often find the styles a little too much. Is there a way to reduce the opacity of the style in 9?

        • Unfortunately, there is only one solution – create a new version for each style with different opacity.
          If Phase One does not do something with it in next updates – I think we will try that way.
          The problem is that as a third party developer we can’t change Capture One interface or create a plug-in.

          • Thanks Alexander for quick response. So there is no way to reduce the overall effect of the style, I need to get in and adjust the style in the color editor etc and save it as a new version?
            Thanks for help.

          • Yes, it’s just a limitation of Capture One capabilities.

  • Chiew Huan Chong

    is there a package price be both are bought at the same time?

  • Just downloaded and installed the Styles. But the instructions for organising them into folders doesn’t seem to apply to my Mac. When in the Library/Application Support/CaptureOne folder, I have only a Presets folder, no Styles folder. Also, the information about importing directly being the easiest, the part where it says that it doesn’t import the folder organisation comes afterwards. As I was following the instructions, i imported everyting sucessfully but nothing is now split into the B&W and Color folder. How can I rearrange this?

    • Very strange, if you’ve already imported styles – Styles folder should surely exist. Which Mac OS version do you use?

      Also try that trick:

      1) Open Spotlight tool in Mac OS

      2) Type ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Styles

      • Its seems to be hidden. When I use the folder browser in CO, I can see lots of folders including the Styles folder. I pulled in the 2 downloaded folders (color and B&W) they ahve appeared but the whole Styles and Presets tool on Capture One has now gone grey and none of the presets can be used! What have I done. I have restarted the software and the computer. Removed the downloaded folder from the styles folde and tried to reture everything to before. Now its like something is disabled. Any ideas?
        I am on Yosemite 10.10.4 and Capture oNe 8

      • Ok…your info was good. I was using the wrong Library folder. So I have copied the B&W and Color folders with all Styles inside, into the correct folder. Its lovely and tidy now and just as I want it…BUT, the Capture One tool is still greyed out and I can’t access the presets…

        • Hm, Styles tool greyed if none of the images are selected. Did you select at least one image?

          • God I’m such an idiot!

          • Glad that now everything works fine!

            Hope you enjoy your Film Styles Set! And I’m always open for your questions 🙂

  • ironchefshellie

    I had an absolute bitch of a time trying to locate the folder. I ended up finding Capture One in the Applications folder -> right click to “show package contents” > contents > resources > styles

    And added them here, renaming the folders with VSCO in front of them 🙂

    • Hi, there is one problem with this way – after each Capture One update you’ll have to reinstall the styles.

      Try this method to access the hidden Library folder:

      1) Go to the Finder (or desktop).

      2) Hold the Option key on your keyboard, and click the Go menu at the top of the screen.

      3) With the Go menu open, you’ll notice that pressing and releasing Option will display or hide the Library choice in this menu.

      4) Select Library from the Go menu (while holding down Option) to access the hidden folder.

  • Riccardo Ulpts

    Importing Styles to Capture One 9 crashes Capture one? Anyone experienced that?

    • Hello,

      Strange, please report this bug to developers

      Try the second way of installing styles (by folders), described on this page.

      It should work well.

    • Same here…instantly crashes.

    • James Moffatt

      has it been fixed yet?

      • That could be fixed only by Phase One, due this is a software bug, not the styles issue.

        They didn’t release new update yet.

        Actually most of the users didn’t have such a problem. That’s why it’s very important to send a bug report about that to Phase One – They need to know OS and hardware specifics to fix that bug.

      • Riccardo Ulpts

        I tried again and it worked for some reason; 3 days later no updates applied. strange

    • -iblink

      Perfect. Thanks

  • -iblink

    A quick question – I need to send packed EIP files for processing and retouching. If I’m using one of your styles, is it included in the packed file, or will the retoucher have to install the style in his machine?

    • Hi, all the settings from applied style will be included in EIP package.

  • Keith Towers

    Hi I’m considering purchasing the 100 styles for C1 8. I have created two folders in AppData/Local/Capture One folder called Styles 50 and Styles 50 bw. One for colour and the other for b/w styles. When I receive the download do I just drag the styles to each folder and that is it? And where will they appear? Thank you for your help

    • Hi Keith,

      Here is a good article about Capture One styles and presets –

      You need to create only one folder Styles50 in AppData/Local/Capture One. Inside this folder, you can create any other folders (Color, BW, etc.) Styles will appear in User Styles menu. You can test it on our free sample styles – Please, don’t forget to restart Capture One after copying the styles.

      • Keith Towers

        Thank you, Alexander. I have now placed my b/w folder within the Styles50 folder and so ready to go. As I am a British purchaser I assume the price will be adjusted according to exchange rates. I will be paying via Pay Pal of course. Another question: Can I keep a backup copy of the files on my external hard drive? Regards…Keith

        • Keith,

          Yes, PayPal should automatically adjust the price.

          About the backup copy – sure, you can backup them on your side and you can also redownload them in anytime from Sellfy service.

          • Keith Towers

            Great! I have just downloaded the samples and it was so easy to drag them into the Styles50 folder. I love the T-Max and the Kodak Ektachrome best, although I did need to pull back on the blue saturation to suit the shot. I think these styles should be treated as a first base for tweaking because every image needs a different approach anyway. But yes, I will be ordering them sometime this week. Will I need to delete the free samples?

          • Keith,

            Yes, we recommend to delete free styles after installing the whole set. It’s simply more convenient 🙂 And you’re right – styles are the first step in the editing process, but they would help you find a quick and impressive solution for your images.

          • Keith Towers

            One more question before I take the plunge. I am thinking it would be wiser to go the full hog and purchase the extended version. Is there a discount voucher available for this set? It would help me enormously if there was. Thanks for all your help…Regards Keith

          • Keith,

            «Extended Set» isn’t an upgrade or replacement of our Original Set, it’s a completely new set of styles and doesn’t include styles from Original Set. Extended and Original sets are quite different. Extended Set styles are more about “artistic” emulation of film picture, Original Set provides a “classical” film look. For many styles difference is serious, the Extended set works “harder” in general, it affects image more noticeable than Original Set.

            Some of our customers prefer Original Set, some Extended Set and many of them like the both sets 🙂

            We have a social share discount – if you choose to share the link to our products on your Facebook or Twitter pages, you’ll get a 10% discount (on each set).
            Just click Buy Now button on the product page and you will see all the instructions about this.

          • Keith Towers

            Thank you once again. The discount is very helpful but I am getting this message when I try to buy: CSRF token has expired. Refresh page and try again. Can you advise?


          • Sorry for that technical issue, I’ve created for you special purchase links with 10% discount included. I’ve sent them to your mail.

          • Keith Towers

            All done and installed. Thank you once again. For those who find it hard to install I just dragged all the folders into the styles50 folder. and job done. They now appear under Adjustments – User Styles. Ideal for my next book project called ‘The Colour of Street’. Easy! Regards… Keith

  • Jason Macomber

    There are new modules for Capture One Pro 9 are these being used?

    • Hi Jason. Sorry, what do you mean by “modules”? Capture One doesn’t support modules or plugins yet.

      • Jason Macomber

        ….each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure, such as an item like a building, software and computer hardware.. Like The 3-way color corrector…ummm. Also, yes Capture one is a module based system… ask them they will tell you!

        • Phase One allows to use standard tools only for Capture One styles. Third party developers like us can’t add any new features to Capture One. But our film styles are made with a special technology. It’s really, really difficult (almost impossible) to create such styles manually.

          • Jason Macomber

            Yeah, now you’re just lieing through your teeth. Capture One Pro 9 has a new module like the 3-way Color Corrector. You do not use these in your styles why? Also, any one can use a color checker take a picture of it (in a controlled light setting) with film scan it and emulate film with Capture one, it really is not hard. There’s Other Style like the new DT Capture One Styles that take full benefit of the new technology in Capture One. I am actually creating new styles as well. You need to upgrade you styles.

          • Jason, I told that Phase One doesn’t allow to create custom modules and this is true. Of course, we can use all the existing tools, if your question was about it. But we prefer to use curves as much as possible. This approach has lots of benefits, and our customers can add any additional correction (including Color Balance) if they wish. Good luck with your styles!

  • Mark Cant

    Hi – I’ve previously bought the C1 Original Styles but have since had the laptop stolen. How can I contact you about getting a new download link?

    Many Thanks!

    Mark C

  • I have somehow created duplicates of your styles. How can I delete all CaptureOneStyles and create a new installation? I used method one for installation into Capture One 10.1

    • You can delete each style manually right from Capture One (right click on a style), but it would be more convenient to delete all styles at once. In this article, you would find the guide how to locate Capture One system folders with styles and delete all the styles (second part of the article).

  • Dewey

    I previously purchased both of the older sets. Is there an update to both the Standard and Extended sets, or am I OK using my older sets with C1 10.1? Thanks.

    • Hi Dewey, sure, I’ve just sent you two emails to your mail “dreatonphoto….” from Sellfy service with the most actual versions of both sets. The 10.1 update only allows importing styles with a sub-folder structure. The styles are the same and in the most cases, the old version of styles works well with a new Capture One.

      • Dewey

        Thank you very much!

  • Putthigorn Prommajaree

    I have purchased the older version (version 10). But I can’t install it on my latest version (10.1). How can I contact you about getting a new download link?

    Thanks! (My email address:

    • Sure, I’ve just sent you an email from Sellfy service with a new download link.

  • gseth83

    Hi Alexander,

    I have send you an email with both the invoice and order details. Can you please email me the download links for the Capture one 10 version. Thanks.

  • rckstflbn

    So… with Phase One releasing their own “Capture One Styles”, how are they different or same than these that I own? Their naming is ridiculous and gives no reference to what film it may represent.

    • Well, I think only Phase One may answer this question 🙂

      What I can tell for sure is that there are quite interesting technical differences between our styles and Phase One Styles.
      When we were developing our styles we’ve decided to follow two technical rules:

      1) Use fundamental tools only.
      Most of our styles are built with Curves, Color Editor and B&W. Only a few styles use Color Balance and Film Grain, and none of them use Clarity or any other tools. That’s why you can easily add some correction after the style is applied. It also allows us to deliver free updates for our customers for each new Capture One release because fundamental tools are not affected by Capture One engine updates.

      2) Use advanced adjustments.
      Most of our color styles use Red, Green and Blue channels curves instead of Color Balance. Color Balance is a great user-friendly tool, but it would never have such a complex and deep impact on color. It’s also almost impossible to manually replicate our styles; we’ve used special technical tricks to achieve these results, and it would take hundreds of hours to design such styles manually in Capture One.

      That’s why for me it was quite surprising to see that Phase One styles massively use Color Balance without R-G-B channels corrections and applies Clarity.

  • David

    Encountered an issue with all B&W +Grain. Grain is zero for all of these presets. I deleted the styles50 folder, redownloaded the Extended Film Styles Set, and imported. Same result, no grain, all set to zero for every B&W +Grain preset. This is with CO10 Build build if that helps.

    • Hello David,

      This is really strange; everything works well with CO 10.1.2. It looks like a bug in 10.1.0 build. Coul you please download the most actual version of Capture One ( and try it again?

      • David

        You are correct! Manually checked for update (it normally prompts me) and there is a 10.1.2. Downloading and installing fixed the issue, and it works as advertised. Thank you for your prompt help, and for a great product!

  • Alex

    Hi! Thank you for the great presets and styles. I have one question: the colour output depends on the LCC profile (e.g., if the LCC profile is Adobe DNG, the output is very different from when its say Fujifilm). I imagine the preset/style adjustments are the same, but depending on what make of camera is used to take the photos and the LCC profile applied, the colour output will look very different. When you were putting these together, to get them close to the original film types, should we choose a specific LCC profile to at least get it as close as possible to the film effect or the style that you had in mind? Thank you!

  • Hello! I’m curious if you updated the film simulations since CaptureOne V10.0. How can I see that and how can I get the new simulations? I bought both of the preset packs when CaptureOne V10 was released.

    • Hello, we’ve updated our styles for the new Capture One 10.1 import feature. You can now import styles with folder structure. If you’re already using the folder structure for styles there is no need to install updated styles, because the only difference is the way of installation the styles. If you’re not using folder structure – please, let me know I’ll send you updated styles.

  • Priyankk Nandwana

    I have recently purchased capture one 10.. i don’t see update of 10.1 on website.. neither on my capture one update.. how to update?

  • Gavin Nugent

    Hi how do i get the updated version for capture 10.1 i have both the extend and the original sets of preset but i think they are for V8 or 9 thanks

    • Hi, sure, I’ve just sent you two emails from Sellfy service with new download links (the first mail to your email and the second one to

      • Gavin Nugent

        great stuff many thanks

  • david foessel

    Hi guy,
    I’ve formated my computer and need to re install all my soft… can you send me a link again?



    • Hi David,
      Sure, I’ve just sent you an email from Sellfy service with a new download link.

      • david foessel

        recieved it ! tahnks a lot for your prompt reply !!!

  • Mathieu Martin

    Hi! Last year I bought a film styles package. Recently I had my computer stolen. I can’t find a link to download the syles and I can’t find them in my purchase history. Could you send me a link ? Let me know if you need some information. Best, Matt.

    • Hi Matt, sure, I’ve just sent you an email from Sellfy service to your mail info@…. with a new download link.

  • Jesse Morgan

    Hi – just upgraded to Capture One v11 is the upgrade for the compatible version free? If so could you send the download link please to

  • Michael Tissington

    Any chance of a great late black Friday discount code to encourage me to purchase both sets please??? 🙂

  • Vexy

    Hi Alexander. I bought the original Styles earlier this year, then upgraded to Capture One 11 yesterday and purchased the Film Styles – Layer Enhanced editions for it. I installed them via Styles and Presets > Import. They all appear as expected, and work as expected ONLY when I apply them to photos the traditional way. The style will NOT apply via layers. I am created a new adjustment layer, right clicking it, selecting Apply Settings From, then User Styles, then selecting the style and the images do not change. I have confirmed the Opacity is at 100%. I have confirmed this problem with many RAF files. I have also restarted C1 several times, and even uninstalled all my users styles, and only install these newer Layer Enhanced editions – they will not work with layers though. Please help – I’m just spent $160 between Capture One 11 and these upgraded Styles, and I can’t get the benefits.

    • Hi, the first question – do you have a mask on the layer? It’s not enough to apply a style to the layer, you need to have a mask on the layer as well. That’s why in Capture One 11 it’s better to create new layers via “Create New Filled layer” feature. You’ll automatically get the mask on the layer.

      • Vexy

        Fixed – thank you!

  • wombi1973

    Hi Alexander, quick question…what exactly is the benefit of upgrading to the new styles set for CO11? I am using CO11 now and have your previous version of the styles set for cO10.2.

    • Hi, there are two benefits:
      1) All the color styles work with layers now. You can apply different styles to different layers and change their opacity.
      2) Each B&W style has four versions with different opacities: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.
      Click here to see what you can create now with updated styles and Capture One 11 –

  • Tokumeino

    Hi Alexander, I’ve bought the standard pack. It is functionnal and installs flawlessly. IMO, your pack is a better option than PO’s film styles pack (which completely undocumented and only come with numbers).

    1) I have a question about usage : I guess that accuracy has been one of your concern by creating these packs. So as to get more accurate results, wuld you recommend to start with a basic curve set as linear, standard or auto ?

    2) Another (more) general question : when aiming at using 1styles for very quick casual raw conversions, and using at least auto exposure, what’s your experience about using as well auto contrast&brightness, auto hdr and auto level ? For best immediate results, what would you recommend ?

    • Hi Tokumeino! Thank you for your feedback!

      1) Originally styles were developed for the Standard curve, but you can use Auto curve as well – there is no difference between them in Capture One, yet. Auto curve simply represents the newest version of the Standard curve (if there are different Standard curves available for your camera model). I suppose Phase One might change this in the future updates, but today it works this way.

      At the same time, some of our customers noticed, that our styles work pretty interesting with Linear Curve. We’re not promoting this as a feature because you would get a different picture and it would not fit well with some images. But you can try to use styles with Linear curve as well to find a new interesting look for your images.

      2) The only tool which I use in Auto mode is Levels. Its autocorrection is totally controlled, and you can easily predict the result. I recommend to use auto Levels before style is applied. The point is that Levels might dramatically change the image and previously applied style might not look well anymore. Our styles are not using Levels, that’s why they would not interrupt the result of auto Levels.

      Talking about all the other auto-tools: the general rule is to apply style after the auto-correction for the same reason as with Levels. But I don’t think that there is much sense to mix styles and auto-corrections. Sometimes it might work well, but you would never predict the result and would spend time fixing the wrong corrections.

  • Hi Alexander,

    I just purchased the styles, and the receipt I got in my email was in Russian. Can I have a new receipt sent to me in English? Is that possible?