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We’ve rebranded from to It’s only the name that is going to change – our styles will always stay the same!

Important! Film Styles Set is fully compatible with new Capture One Pro 10.

Each style consists of a series of saved processing parameters that you can quickly and easily apply to your own RAW-files.

The film picture effect is achieved through the use of per-channel Curves, Color Editor, Color Balance, Black and White and some of the other powerful tools that are available in Capture One.

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

One of the biggest advantages of using Film Styles for Capture One is that once you have applied the actions, you can continue to process the image using all RAW-file capabilities.
In other words, you no longer need to convert RAW to JPG or TIF, open the file in Photoshop and use special “film” plugins. You can complete the entire processing from start to finish in Capture One before converting your final picture.

Film Styles for Capture One also gives you full control over the effects you get. After you apply a style, you can change the parameters so that the effect perfectly suit your requirements.
Best of all, you can save the adjusted style to create your own custom style. Thus, starting from the 100 styles offered in our pack, you can go ahead and create hundreds of your own unique styles that you can easily use in your work whenever you need to.

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

In addition to the variety of color styles on offer, Film Styles Set also contains a range of black and white styles that can help you to achieve a wide range of different effects.

Compare the work of black and white style and standard bleaching (Saturation -100). All settings of images are identical (except the changes that produce the black and white style).

Capture One Film Styles

Full list of the styles of «Original Film Styles Set»:

Color styles: Fuji Pro 160C (v1-3), Fuji Pro 160S, Fuji Pro 400H (v1,2), Fuji Pro 800Z, Fuji Reala, Fuji Superia 400, Fuji Superia 800, Fuji Superia 1600, Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 160NC (v1,2), Kodak Portra 160VC (v1,2), Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Portra 400NC (v1,2), Kodak Portra 400VC (v1,2), Kodak Portra 400UC, Kodak Portra 800, Kodak Ultra Color 100UC, SL Agfa RSX II 100, SL Agfachrome 1000RS (v1,2), SL Fuji Astia 100F (v1,2), SL Fuji Fortia SP (v1,2), SL Fuji Provia 100F (v1,2), SL Fuji Provia 400X (v1,2), SL Fuji Velvia 50 (v1,2), SL Fuji Velvia 100 (v1,2), SL Fuji Velvia 100F (v1,2), SL Kodak Ektachrome 100G (v1,2), SL Kodak Ektachrome 100VS (v1,2), SL Kodak Ektachrome 200, SL Kodak Ektachrome mid-1970s (v1-3), SL Kodak Kodachrome 25, SL Kodak Kodachrome 64, SL Kodak Kodachrome 200, PL Fuji FP-100c, PL Polaroid 669, PL Polaroid 690, PL PX-70, PL PX-680, PL Time-Zero Polaroid (Expired).

Black&White styles: Agfa APX 25, Agfa APX 100 (v1,2), Agfa APX 400, Agfa Scala 200 (v1,2), Fuji FP-3000b, Fuji Neopan 100 Acros (v1,2), Fuji Neopan 1600 (v1-3), Ilford Delta 100 (v1,2), Ilford Delta 400 Pro, Ilford Delta 3200 (v1-3), Ilford FP4 Plus 125, Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (v1-3), Ilford Pan F Plus 50, Ilford XP 2 Super 400, Kodak BW 400CN Pro, Kodak Panatomic-X 32 (v1,2), Kodak Plus-X 125PX (v1,2), Kodak T-MAX 100 (v1,2), Kodak T-MAX 400, Kodak T-MAX 3200 (v1-3), Kodak Technical Pan, Kodak Technical Pan — Technidol, Kodak TRI-X 400 (v1-3), Kodalith, Polaroid 665.

New film styles with «Film Styles Extended Set»
You will find 100 new film styles and grain emulation styles in «Film Styles Extended Set». Learn more.
«Film Styles Extended Set» isn’t an upgrade or replacement of «Original Film Styles Set», it is a completely new set of styles and does not includes styles from Original Set.

Customer Reviews




Faded + Blurred Review


“…The range of included styles is great – especially at the $49 price point… They very quickly give you a starting point for your pictures – they get you in the ball park of the particular look and feel you’re after, which you are then free to tweak and customize to really make them your own.”
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Photographer David Eaton Review


“Overall the Film Style Set for Capture One is a great addition, offering a wide variety of styles that are very well executed.”
Read the full review

Photographer Nicole Struppert Review


“Would I buy the Film Styles? Yes! There are still a few things missing but the price is fantastic and for Capture One users it’s a fantastic opportunity to save some time on the workflow.”
Read the full review

Photographer Mark Garbowski Review


“Overall I think this is a very tempting product for anyone looking for a preset pack for Capture One. The Lightroom market for Presets is well populated, but they have always been lacking somewhat in the Aperture and Capture One universes. I am glad that this new company has seen an opening and made these available to the Capture One community of photographers.
Many people who consider switching to Capture One explain that it is a considerable obstacle to give up their Nik plugins or VSCO One film presets. This package can help overcome that limitation.”

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Bob Rockefeller Review


“Each style uses a number of color adjustments to create a reasonable approximation of the film style emulated. But it’s not perfectly perfect; for one thing, Capture One does not support adding grain, so the styles can’t do that. As a creative tool, or a starting point for your own experimentation, they do a nice job.”
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Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles

Capture One Film Styles


About Author

  • Steven Dempsey

    I recently switched form Lightroom to Capture One. While CO7 is a great program for RAW processing, I still had to switch back to Lightroom to continue processing in Silver Efex. Since purchasing Capture One Film Styles, I can use CO7 for my entire work pipeline. The black and white styles provide me with a great starting point and then I can easily make additional adjustments to finish the job. It really has changed my creative life for the better.

    I do wish grain was an option but this is a CO7 limitation.

    I would highly recommend this wide variety of high quality styles.

    Steven Dempsey
    Landscape/Portrait Photographer

  • lynnroylance

    How do I re download the original styles, I had a crash need need to reinstall them.

    • Hello, I’ve sent you a download link to your email.

  • Jeff Chiow

    Hi there, recently I try to install the styles in CO9, but the software will quit automatically and it shows the software went crash.

    Any solution for this issue?

  • Paul Samuels

    i purchased the styles, and i like them very much. altho i have the issue that they are too contrasted. the blacks are getting crushed in almost every file. is there a way around that?

    thank you

    • Hi Paul,

      This is a specific of the certain films; some styles should have such a look because some films have it in original. But you can always use additional tools to improve your image (like High Dynamic Range to make dark parts brighter). Our styles don’t use any sliders (contrast, exposure, HDR, etc.) that’s why you’re free to use any of them after the style is applied.

  • Andres Hernandez

    I purchased the capture one styles and I reformat the computer and I lost them can I down load them again?

    • Hi Andres,

      Sure, which email you’ve used for purchase? I’ll send you the new download link.