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Recently Phase One released Capture One Pro 11 – a fantastic upgrade with lots of the new possibilities.
Here is a complete review of all the new features and the most exciting one is applying styles to layers and changing their opacity.

We’ve updated our styles to be compatible with Capture One 11’s new features and released them as Layer Enhanced editions.
Let’s see what you can create now with updated Film Styles and Capture One Pro 11.

Styles in Layers

First of all, you can now change the opacity of all the color Film Styles.
Simply create a new filled layer and apply a style to it:

If previously some Film Styles were too strong for your image, now you can manually setup the opacity and find the look that fits your vision best.

Applied style – Kodak Royal Gold 400 v4 Winter from Film Styles Extended Set.

In Capture One 11 you can apply single styles for up to 16 layers per image, which means you can mix different styles using brush/eraser and layer opacity.

Applied styles: on Warm Color layer – Fuji Provia 100F v4 Summer; on Water & Sky layer – Kodak Ektar 100 v4 Winter from Film Styles Extended Set.

Styles also work perfectly with masks created from Color Editor.
Need to apply a style on skin tone only? No problem, just create a mask from skin color and apply a style to it.

Don’t forget to use all the useful tools which Capture One offers for layers.
For example, you can create a mask based on skin color, copy this mask onto a new layer, invert it and apply two different Film Styles to the layers.

Step 1

Creating a mask from skin color to have a layer with skin mask only.

Step 2

Copying skin mask to a new layer and inverting it to have a layer with a masked environment.

Step 3

Applying different film styles to each layer and adjusting opacities to achieve the best look.

Capture One Pro 11 release brings new meaning to styles and significantly expands its functionality.
Simply download our 12 free styles and try them on layers. It’s an entirely new way of working with RAW images.

Black & White Styles

Our strong belief is that you can get the true B&W image with Black & White tool only. That’s why all our B&W styles are using Black & White tool.
Unfortunately, Black & White tool is not supported by layers yet.

That’s why we decided to develop B&W styles with different opacities.
Each B&W style in Layer Enhanced editions has four versions with different opacities: 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.

That’s right – now you can manage B&W opacity. Even Capture One, out of the box, doesn’t allow this.

At the same time, we guarantee to provide you with a free update on styles when B&W tool receives a layer support in Capture One!

Special 60% Discount

Layer Enhanced editions are our new products which are sold separately from previous sets for the full price.
At the same time, we offer an exclusive 60% discount for buyers of our previous sets as an upgrade.

Please, check your mail for an email from Sellfy service with a special discount code.
Select the product you wish to purchase and enter this code in the drop-down field below:

Or you can simply use a direct link from the mail. If you didn’t receive Sellfy email, please let us know at – we’ll provide you with a new code.

Free Update
If you have purchased our styles during November 2017 we’ll provide you with a free upgrade to Layer Enhanced edition.
Please, let us know by mail at and we’ll send you a link to download the new version of styles.

Original Film Styles Set

Original Film Styles Set price – $49.95
Buy now

Original Set delivers “classical” film emulation styles; it’s a great start for using Film Styles.
Inside the set, you’ll find classic film styles: Fuji Superia, Kodak Portra, Fuji Provia, Fuji Velvia, Kodak Ektachrome and many others.

The set contains 100 unique film styles and 168 B&W styles with different opacities.
Learn more about the Original Film Styles Set

Download 5 sample styles from Original Set for free:

  • PL PX-70
  • Kodak P3200 TMAX
  • Ilford XP 2 Super 400
  • Kodak Ektachrome Mid-1970
  • Fuji Provia 400X

Buy now

Extended Film Styles Set

Extended Film Styles Set price – $69.95
Buy now

Extended Set is the next step in creative work with color in Capture One for experienced photographers.
In Extended Set you will find a lot of entirely new film styles and artistic variations of styles for the most popular films.
Film Grain emulation styles is also an exclusive feature of the Extended Set.

It isn’t an upgrade or replacement of our first set; it is a completely new set of styles created for advance users of Original Set.
The set contains 100 unique film styles, 120 B&W styles with different opacities and 25 film grain styles.

Here you’ll find a complete description of Extended Film Styles Set and the full list of styles included in the set.

Download 7 sample styles from Extended Set for free:

  • Agfa Vista 800 v1
  • Kodak Royal Gold 400 v5 B T-balanced
  • Fuji Fortia SP v3
  • Fuji Neopan 1600 v5 (with grain)
  • PX 100 Silver Shade UV+
  • Film Grain – ISO 400 push
  • Film Grain – ISO 1600 push+

Buy now

How to install the styles?

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