Film Styles for Capture One Film Styles offers more than 200 film styles for Capture One to boost your workflow.
Each style provides a unique look of the film photography legends: Ilford Delta, Kodak Portra, Agfa Scala, Polaroid and many other popular films.

Now you can quickly and easily create a “film” picture in Capture One using all the powers of RAW without any special plugins. Film Styles isn’t just a film emulation; it’s a creativity tool that helps you find a quick and impressive solution for your processing.
It saves you hours of work in Capture One and delivers new ideas for color correction of your images. That’s why our styles are already approved by thousands of photographers worldwide.

How does it work?

All you need is to choose a style that fits your vision best.
Just scroll through a list of styles to immediately see adjustments on your image and apply the right style.

You can now finish the processing or add additional adjustments if you wish. It is that simple.

To deliver the best quality of processing, our styles use advance Capture One tools only. All the style adjustments are made by Curves, Color Editor, B&W and Color Balance (plus Film Grain for grain styles). Each style is based on complicated calculations and basic tools are not suitable here.

Kodak Royal Gold 400 v3 Summer

That’s why we’re not using Exposure, White Balance, HDR, Contrast, Clarity or any other tools in the styles. You can always add any additional adjustments to your image; our styles would not interrupt them.

Capture One Film Styles

Layers Support

Recently Phase One presented a fantastic Capture One Pro 11 – now we can use styles in layers and change their opacity.
We’ve updated Film Styles to be compatible with Capture One 11’s new features and released them as Layer Enhanced (LE) editions.
With Capture One Pro 11 you can apply all the color film styles to the layers and change their opacity!

If previously some Film Styles were too strong for your image, now you can manually setup the opacity and find the look that fits your image best.

For the B&W styles, we’ve developed additional versions with different opacities: 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.

Capture One Pro 11 release brings new meaning to styles and significantly expands their functionality.
Click here to see what you can create now with our styles and Capture One Pro 11.

Film Sets

We offer two sets of film styles in our store: Original Film Styles Set and Extended Film Styles Set.
All the styles in both sets are unique; let’s see what is the difference between them and find the set which enhances your workflow best.

Download 12 Film Styles for Free

We offer 5 sample styles from Original Film Styles Set and 7 sample styles from Extended Film Styles Set to download for free.

Original Film Styles Set

Original Film Styles Set price – $49.95
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Original Set delivers “classical” film emulation styles; it’s a great start for using Film Styles.
Inside the set, you’ll find classic film styles: Fuji Superia, Kodak Portra, Fuji Provia, Fuji Velvia, Kodak Ektachrome and many others.

The set contains 100 unique film styles and 168 B&W styles with different opacities.
Learn more about the Original Film Styles Set

Download 5 sample styles from Original Set for free:

  • PL PX-70
  • Kodak P3200 TMAX
  • Ilford XP 2 Super 400
  • Kodak Ektachrome Mid-1970
  • Fuji Provia 400X

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Extended Film Styles Set

Extended Film Styles Set price – $69.95
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Extended Set is the next step in creative work with color in Capture One for experienced photographers.
In Extended Set you will find a lot of entirely new film styles and artistic variations of styles for the most popular films.
Film Grain emulation styles is also an exclusive feature of the Extended Set.

It isn’t an upgrade or replacement of our first set; it is a completely new set of styles created for advance users of Original Set.
The set contains 100 unique film styles, 120 B&W styles with different opacities and 25 film grain styles.

Here you’ll find a complete description of Extended Film Styles Set and the full list of styles included in the set.

Download 7 sample styles from Extended Set for free:

  • Agfa Vista 800 v1
  • Kodak Royal Gold 400 v5 B T-balanced
  • Fuji Fortia SP v3
  • Fuji Neopan 1600 v5 (with grain)
  • PX 100 Silver Shade UV+
  • Film Grain – ISO 400 push
  • Film Grain – ISO 1600 push+

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How to install the styles?

Save 20% with the Bundle Discount

Film Styles Set Bundle price – $95
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Purchase Original and Extended sets as a bundle for only $95 instead of $119.90!
You will get 200 unique film styles and 25 film grain emulation styles.
All the color styles work with layers in Capture One Pro 11. Each B&W style has four versions with different opacities: 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.

How to buy?

Purchasing Film Styles couldn’t be simpler.
Just click the “Buy Now” button, and follow the on-screen instructions to pay for your order, and you will instantly receive a link to download the styles.

The purchase is subject to terms and conditions of the purchase agreement: Read the agreement.

Payment Notice
For technical reasons, we’re not accepting payments from PayPal Business accounts, yet.
Please, use a regular PayPal account to purchase styles.
You can also pay directly with your bank card, simply choose “Pay with a card” at the PayPal payment page. The payment will be securely processed via PayPal as well.

Upgrade your styles with 60% discount

Are you the proud owner of our earlier versions of Film Styles?
We offer an exclusive 60% discount for buyers of our previous sets as an upgrade. Please, check your mail for an email from Sellfy service with a unique discount code.


Photographer David Eaton Review


“Is it worth the money ? I would defiantly say yes. The styles are strong, diverse, authentic and are a great starting point to bring that extra bit of life to your images.

Sometimes the hardest part of an editing workflow is deciding on the look and feel of your images. The new styles are great to skim through, allowing you to view a range of styles instantly. Even if you apply the styles and edit from there on they give you a great starting point sometimes one you would never have considered.

The Extended Set coupled with the Original Film Styles offer a massive library of editing possibilities.”

Read the full review

Faded + Blurred Review


“…The range of included styles is great – especially at the $49 price point… They very quickly give you a starting point for your pictures – they get you in the ball park of the particular look and feel you’re after, which you are then free to tweak and customize to really make them your own.”
Read the full review

Photographer Nicole Struppert Review


“Would I buy the Film Styles? Yes! There are still a few things missing but the price is fantastic and for Capture One users it’s a fantastic opportunity to save some time on the workflow.”
Read the full review

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